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Goodbye 2014

pic360To all my friends and family, may this new year make you happier, healthier and wiser than you’ve ever been. Love!

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Mr. Dressup!

Happy Birthday Ernie Coombs!

Julia Child

Today is the 100th anniversary of the birth of Julia Child. Go eat something french.

Birthday Cake

I’ll make it fit.

Mini Mountie

Maintiens le droit


Jen Skiing

This may be an exaggeration.


Supportive Giraffe to the Rescue!

“Thank you Supportive Giraffe. Without you to place the star on the top of our tree, the lighting ceremony would surely have been a complete failure.”

Supportive GiraffeIdea by Jen.

Fear and Loathing

A quick sketch of Hunter S. Thompson.  Yep.

Hunter S. Thompson