Face Study

Gonna post various studies from time to time. Here is a cartoony glamour face.  That is all…

Glamour Face

2 thoughts on “Face Study

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  1. Some things for that I think it would be neat to see you do are; just some examples. Know how we were talking that each part of the body from those pictures I was looking at can be though as a certain object, I would like to see a body with all the proportion markers and what not actually drawn as different objects, like Home Plate is what to think of when drawing Pecs. Another cool idea, set off to draw something, and only use the vague detail for it, when you think your about half way done, try to turn it into something completely different. And the last idea I think would be cool, if you have paints at home, take a couple colors and make a Rorschach, then use those globs of color to ass pencils and ink around. Just dome thought. Hope you like them.

  2. then use those globs of color to ass(I totally ment ASK, sorry heavy pain killers for my jaw are making me think of ass) pencils and ink around.

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